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Who are you, and what is Ditto?

Take a look at the About page for an overview of the what and the why of Ditto

Ditto is a tool for copying Asana projects between workspaces. It is developed by Mike Houston, a software developer in the UK.

Which account should I use with Ditto

The account you log in with must have project creation permissions in the target workspace, organisation or team. This could be a full team member, or a team or project-level guest account.

Guest users do not have permission to create custom fields, so if you are transferring these the destination user must have full access.

The most common way to use Ditto is to add a user with full access to the destination as a guest to the source workspace, which will allow Ditto to successfully process transfers.

You may need to fully log out of Asana and Ditto before logging back in to the correct account if you have previously authorised access for Ditto to the source workspace.

Are there any details of projects or tasks that Ditto can't copy?

There's a table of supported features

Some features of the Asana web app are not available through the API, and can't be copied. Currently the most obviously missing feature is recurring tasks.

How can I close my Ditto account?

Ditto doesn't keep much information around after you've used it, and doesn't keep a copy of your credentials for accessing Asana after queued transfers are complete.

To ensure that there is no possible way for Ditto to access your account in future, you can deauthorize Ditto by going to 'My Profile Settings' in Asana, and removing Ditto on the 'Apps' tab.

Screenshot of the Asana 'Apps' configuration tab

If you have created a Pro account and wish to remove it, please email [email protected] with your Asana account ID, which can be found on the account page

Which data do you collect?

Take a look at the privacy policy for full details

Ditto communicates with Asana's service via the API. It only reads data in direct response to user interaction or as a result of a user's approval for ongoing access. Only data required for the operation of the service is requested.

Data retrieved from the API includes, but is not limited to, lists of projects, users, tasks, comments and attachments.

Do you store any data?

Take a look at the privacy policy for full details

Local storage

Ditto stores a single cookie 'ditto' containing the encrypted state of your user session. This information is required for the service to operate, and stores your authorization credentials for the Asana API.

You can revoke Ditto's access at any time from the Asana settings for your account.

Data stored on servers

During a transfer operation, the user's authorization credentials for the Asana API are stored on our servers. They are removed when the job completes or has failed, and expire from the service after 24 hours in case of any other error preventing their immediate removal.

Data collected for the operation of the service is automatically cleared after 36 hours. It may be manually removed from the web interface at any time by the user.

Logs of transfer operations are retained for debugging purposes for 30 days, after which they are automatically cleared. The logs do not contain personally identifiable information, but do record the IDs of some records being copied.

Anonymized (hashed) IDs are retained to track usage of the service.

Do you share any data with third parties?

Take a look at the privacy policy for full details

No data you give us or that is collected from your authorized Asana account is ever shared with third parties, except when it is sent back to Asana.

Data collected from Asana is stored temporarily on our servers, which are provided by Amazon Web Services in the us-east-1 region (North Virginia, USA).

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Anonymous - 30 Jan 24 02:10 UTC

Hello- I am trying to transfer a project but the ready to transfer start button won’t work. Any ideas?

Michael Houston - 11 Jan 24 20:30 UTC

Hi Larry,

The transfer is made using your credentials, so if you don’t have access to the project then Ditto can’t see it either. You’d need to be added as a project member or ask someone else with access to make the transfer.


Larry Cardwell - 11 Jan 24 15:53 UTC

Will the transfer move projects that I am not part of? I see the teams for the transfer but some of the teams do not show any projects. I am not sure if there are projects in those teams I cannot see because I am not part of them.

Ali Cox - 30 Oct 23 16:22 UTC

Hi there– I tried to transfer our team’s projects twice and haven’t had any success. The transfer is staying at 0% for hours at a time and I am receiving these error messages. Any tips?

[email protected] - 17 Oct 23 20:06 UTC

I want to move my inbox conservation from one workspace to another space. What should I do?

Rachael Davis - 25 Jul 23 13:58 UTC

Hi Michael, I have sent an email but i can’t even get the tool to work at all, it just says failed every time. I have no idea why I could do with some assistance. Many thanks

Tim Foote - 02 Jun 23 05:35 UTC

Hi there, I’m trying to move Projects from one Organisation to another & ditto has frozen at 3% for 6 hours. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, do you have any suggestions? All the best, Tim

Anonymous - 19 May 23 07:05 UTC

Also Getting this error repeatedly. Start date must be before due date. Any help ?

[email protected] - 26 Apr 23 19:17 UTC

Hi! I’m also getting the error start date must be before due date. Help!

Yev Davis - 20 Mar 23 17:35 UTC

Hi! I’m getting an error repeatedly - start date must be before due date. I do not have any due dates set in the project that’s being copied. Any recommendations?

Jan V - 16 Mar 23 11:30 UTC

Hi, I tried to copy project from one organization to another, but still got message “Unrecoverable error: You do not have full access to the destination Asana workspace. Please ensure you are logged in with a full account, not a guest: Custom Fields are not available for free users or guests.” I am member of both projects. Source project is on Pro version, destination on Free version. I suppose that custom fields will not be copied - it is ok.

Anonymous - 06 Mar 23 12:54 UTC

The “Start button” is not working when I try to transfer a project. This issue has been happening for 3 days now. Is Ditto gone for good? =(

Anonymous - 13 Feb 23 10:38 UTC

Hi Can Ditto transfer projects from one organisation to another? I can test transfer from one workspace to another within the same organisation but have yet to set up a new organisation to test the transfer between organisations as well as workspaces. Thanks

Anonymous - 13 Feb 23 10:37 UTC

Hi Can Ditto transfer projects from one organisation to another? I can test transfer from one workspace to another within the same organisation but have yet to set up a new organisation to test the transfer between organisations as well as workspaces. Thanks

Nidrax - 07 Feb 23 10:33 UTC

I have the same problem as @sebastien

maybe the new formatting text like notion

Michael Houston - 28 Jan 23 22:16 UTC

@Anonymous - it’s not possible at the moment to clone the ‘My tasks’ section with Ditto. My current workaround would be to temporarily create a private project, add the tasks to the project and then transfer that to the new workspace.

Michael Houston - 28 Jan 23 22:14 UTC

@Sonja, that sounds strange - those features should all be supported on a business plan trial. Were there any projects in the workspace (even empty ones) before you started the Ditto transfer? It helps Ditto to detect which plan you are on if it can query features of an existing project. If it’s still not working, please get in touch directly at [email protected] and I’ll see if I can identify the problem.

Michael Houston - 28 Jan 23 22:09 UTC

Hi @Beth, glad it all went through in the end! - Asana has a one-minute rate limit window so it’s sometimes possible for all the requests in that window to have been used, in which case the transfer needs to wait until the limit resets.

@Sébastien, that’s a new error message to me, I will investigate to see what the problem could be. As far as I can tell it’s happening due to an inline image in a task description, but that should be allowed (and indeed, must be present in the source task for this to even be an issue).

If you can, please get in touch with me directly at [email protected] and I can help you identify the task that’s failing to transfer, and hopefully work out why.

Sébastien - 27 Jan 23 16:26 UTC

Hello, I have just signed in to pro to try several options but whatever I do, I still have this error : “Unrecoverable error: A request to Asana can’t be completed and is returning an error: XML is invalid: Inline images are not supported on this surface.

I don’t understand where it comes from :/

Thanks if you can help Sébastien

[email protected] - 26 Jan 23 20:10 UTC

Posted too hastily. I just reloaded the page, and it says it finished. Woo. HOOOO!