Copy Asana projects between workspaces

Asana allows projects to be duplicated within the same workspace, but this has some limitations and projects can't be copied to a different workspace.

Ditto allows you to transfer a complete snapshot of one or more existing projects to a workspace of your choice.

Supported Asana features:

Some features are currently unsupported due to limitations of the Asana API.

Ditto Pro features:

Status: Open Beta

Ditto is currently in beta testing. Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems.

July 6th 2023

  • Bug fix: detect projects with equal start date and due date (not accepted by Asana API)

July 1st 2023

  • Added support request form for failed transfers

December 30th 2022

  • Support for task descriptions with inline media including images and videos
  • Fix for remapping links to attachments in task comments

November 8th 2022

  • Further fixes to handling deleted custom field options

October 30th 2022

  • Improvements to project selection for large workspaces
  • Fix bug when creating custom fields with deleted and re-created enum options

August 30th 2022

  • Transfer task dependencies
  • Fix use of first (unnamed) section in new projects
  • Fix transfer of 'private' flag on projects

August 25th 2022

June 28th 2021

  • Copying custom fields from workspaces where the user does not have full access is now supported.

October 17th 2020

  • Updated error messages to be more useful.
  • Fixed bug copying numeric fields with precision equal to 0.
  • Fixed intermittent problem creating projects in teams (hopefully!).

August 9th 2020

  • Updated custom field creation to include format and workspace visibility.
  • Avoid bug where custom field limit is reached when creating projects. Tasks now only keep field values if they are in the top level of a project.
  • Added experimental support for Approval task type

July 25th 2020
Fix for custom fields being copied twice, causing transfers to fail.

July 19th 2020
Fix for project descriptions with links not being copied.
Default view for new projects copied.

May 31st 2020
Fixes to attachment copying where only the first attachment for each task would be copied.

April 19th 2020
Several new bug fixes have been deployed, and project selection is now improved to allow paging through workspaces with large numbers of projects.

September 3rd 2019
Fix for issues with missing parent task mappings.

July 20th 2019
Some fixes to error checking now mean that previously failing transfers can complete, or at least fail and report the problem.

June 29th 2019
I've added some extra checks and better prioritisation when reading tasks from Asana. A few people have had problems when copying large batches of projects, which should now be improved.

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