Features: Attachments


Ditto will download your attachments and re-upload them as new attachments on copied tasks.

This means there is a limit on attachment size of 100MB, so files larger than this attached from DropBox will fail to copy, and will instead be inserted as a comment with a link to the file in its original location.

Note Files attached from Google Drive are currently not supported, and will always be attached as a link.

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Michael Houston - 31 May 20 17:00 UTC

Hi Ben,

Sorry this has taken so long to fix - attachments should now be correctly copied. This also fixes the bug reported from November where only the first attachment was copied 😳

Apologies to anyone affected by this, it should now behave in the same way as the original tool and copy all attachments correctly.


Ben Studer - 06 May 20 20:00 UTC

First, this project has been spectacular, thank you.

Regarding attachments. I am not sure if this is the expected behavior or not, so want to verify.

I am seeing a link to the attachments in the update log, so the files are accessible, but they are not “attached” in the traditional way where the files are viewable as a preview, or in the “files” section of a project.

It would be amazing if they also appeared in this area, but currently they show up as a link within the task and previews or associated metadata (filenames, etc.) are not associated.

I see something along the lines of: {Name} attached https://app.asana.com/app/asana/-/get_asset?asset_id={assetid} on 05 May 20 18:28 UTC

Michael Houston - 19 Feb 20 22:59 UTC

Thanks for the bug reports, I’ll check more thoroughly what might have been happening with the attachments.

Anonymous - 20 Nov 19 17:21 UTC

Doesn’t seems to work with multiple attachments, only the first one is transferred, and is in the comments, not attach to the actual task

Anonymous - 07 Nov 19 10:08 UTC

For some reason, I have an attachment that’s lost in the transfer. There is a link to it in the message transfer log, but the file is not listed as an attachment to the task itself.

It is a PNG file, which is probably the most used extension for attachments…

This wasn’t a problem when using the old tool (https://asana.kothar.net/) for which the attachments worked correctly.