Asana Features Supported by Ditto

API Limitations

Some features available in the Asana UI are not possible to access from the API. As a result Ditto can't copy them to new workspaces, and you will have to manually update tasks where feasible.

Unsupported Features

Some features are supported by the API, but either haven't yet been implemented in the project transfer, or don't fit the existing project transfer model. They may be implemented later.

Feature support table

Feature API supported Workaround Planned Implemented
Attachments Yes Yes Partial
Comments Limited Yes Yes
Conversations Limited Yes Yes No
Custom Fields Yes Yes
Project-local Custom Fields Yes Yes No
Forms No No No No
Milestones Yes Yes
Portfolios Yes Yes No
Recurring tasks No No No No
Start Dates Yes Yes
Task dependencies Yes Yes No
Teams Limited No Yes No

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