Features: Tasks

Task copies

Each task from the source project is recreated in the destination project with as many details copied as allowed by the Asana API.

A non-exhaustive list of supported fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Due date
  • Start date
  • Completed status
  • Task order
  • Assignee
  • Followers
  • Tags
  • Dependencies

You can see the full list of fields in the Asana API documentation

Assignees and Followers

As not all users of the source project may be members of the destination workspace, references to missing users are filtered out during copying.

You will be shown a warning before copying if this is going to happen, so that you may add any users you would still like to be part of the copied project.


Sub-tasks copied along with their parent tasks. There is no limit to the nesting depth, all sub-tasks in the hierarchy will be included.

All features supported for top-level tasks are also supported for sub-tasks.

Multi-homed tasks

Tasks may be present at the top level of a single project, or several different projects, and may also be assigned as a sub-task of a single parent task.

Ditto considers these relationships when copying projects and ensures that only one copy of the task is created, so long as all projects are copied together as a single transfer.

Later transfers of the same task will create a duplicate copy.

Special task types

Asana has introduced the concept of a special task type, of which there are currently three: a 'Milestone', a 'Separator', and an 'Approval'.

These task types are shown differently in the UI, but behave much like normal tasks from the point of view of the API.

Ditto ensures that the type of each task is copied correctly.

Completed tasks New

Ditto will by default copy all tasks, regardless of their completion status.

You can optionally ignore completed tasks, however this is a Pro feature.

Dependencies New

Ditto will copy task dependencies where they exist between tasks which form part of the same transfer.

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Alexis Tressler (AT) - 06 Oct 22 21:21 UTC

Am I able to transfer personal projects to a workspace I manage?

Michael Houston - 28 Sep 22 05:40 UTC

Hi Anonymous, for any tasks not contained in a project, I recommend you create a temporary project (either one per user or a shared one as you suggest) and add them to that before copying.

Ditto currently doesn’t have a way to choose tasks for transfer unless they are in a project.

Anonymous - 11 Sep 22 20:48 UTC

We were working in a personal workspace but now we are migrating to an Organization and I will be migrating all the projects. What would be the best way to migrate the tasks in My Tasks to the new workspace (Organization)? Should I make a project and ask everyone to put their tasks there or simply ask them to copy and paste them in the new workspace? Is there any other possibility?

Michael Houston - 16 Aug 22 08:42 UTC

Hi Victor,

I’ll look into this - I’m not sure if priorities are supported by the Asana API but if they are I will include them.

Victor Gabriel Arcanjo Nascimento - 29 Mar 22 20:02 UTC

Why don’t I copy the ‘Priorities’? How do I copy them too?