Features: Comments and Descriptions

New Link rewriting

Ditto will rewrite links in descriptions and comments to ensure that relationships between tasks are maintained. Currently Ditto is able to rewrite task and project links when the targets of those links are part of the transfer.

Any links to users will continue to point to the original user if they are a member of the destination workspace, otherwise the link will be removed, leaving only the user's name.

Project descriptions

Project descriptions are copied with full HTML formatting intact.

Task descriptions

Task descriptions are copied with full HTML formatting intact.

Task comments

Ditto is not able to copy comments exactly as they originally appeared. This is because when creating copied tasks Ditto acts on behalf of a single user, rather than the users who originally created the comments.

The workaround currently used is to collect all task comments together into a single summary comment, indicating the original author and the fully-formatted message text.

Screenshot showing formatting of comment summaries

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Peta Williams - 28 Jul 21 02:01 UTC

OK, I figured out my issues with comments appearing when I copied a project over. There weren’t actually comments on the tasks that were moving over but comments were created about every action previously taken on that task. So… prior to copying I went to the comments section and deleted any information about project creation and edits. The inability to delete comments once moved across was due to using a different login to access the project .

Peta Williams - 28 Jul 21 00:40 UTC

I used to be able to manually delete the comments associated with each task when I transferred a project but now I only seem to have the ‘Pin to Top’ or ‘Copy Comment Link’ options, no delete. Any suggestions?

Peta Williams - 23 Jun 21 21:24 UTC

Is it possible to stop comments transferring across to the new workspace?