Features: Custom Fields

Custom fields

Any custom field present on a task will also be set on the copied task.

Custom fields are not shared between workspaces, so Ditto performs a matching step to associate fields in the source workspace with those in the destination workspace. This matching compares the name of the field and its type, including values for enum fields.

If a custom field with the correct name exists in the destination but does not have the correct type, Ditto will be unable to match the values during the copy and will skip the field. You will be warned before the transfer starts if this is the case.

Workspaces which do not support custom fields (Personal Projects and free workspaces) cannot have fields set, and so they will not be copied. Again, you will be warned if this is the case.

New Missing fields

Any fields which are used by the projects being copied but which do not exist in the destination workspace will be automatically created by copying the full custom field configuration to the destination workspace, including all enum values.

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