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Who are you, and what is Ditto?

Take a look at the About page for an overview of the what and the why of Ditto

Ditto is a tool for copying Asana projects between workspaces. It is developed by Mike Houston, a software developer in York in the UK.

Are there any details of projects or tasks that Ditto can't copy?

There's a table of supported features

Some features of the Asana web app are not available through the API, and can't be copied. Currently the most obviously missing feature is recurring tasks.

Which data do you collect?

Take a look at the privacy policy for full details

Ditto communicates with Asana's service via the API. It only reads data in direct response to user interaction or as a result of a user's approval for ongoing access. Only data required for the operation of the service is requested.

Data retrieved from the API includes, but is not limited to, lists of projects, users, tasks, comments and attachments.

Do you store any data?

Take a look at the privacy policy for full details

Local storage

Ditto stores a single cookie 'chronicle' containing the encrypted state of your user session. This information is required for the service to operate, and stores your authorization credentials for the Asana API.

You can revoke Ditto's access at any time from the Asana settings for your account.

Data stored on servers

During a transfer operation, the user's authorization credentials for the Asana API are stored on our servers. They are removed when the job completes or has failed, and expire from the service after 24 hours in case of any other error preventing their immediate removal.

Data collected for the operation of the service is automatically cleared after 36 hours. It may be manually removed from the web interface at any time by the user.

Logs of transfer operations are retained for debugging purposes for 30 days, after which they are automatically cleared. The logs do not contain personally identifiable information, but do record the IDs of some records being copied.

Anonymized (hashed) IDs are retained to track usage of the service.

Do you share any data with third parties?

Take a look at the privacy policy for full details

No data you give us or that is collected from your authorized Asana account is ever shared with third parties, except when it is sent back to Asana.

Data collected from Asana is stored temporarily on our servers, which are provided by Amazon Web Services in the us-east-1 region (North Virginia, USA).

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Lillian Niu - 19 Sep 19 19:12 UTC

I’m trying to transfer a project in Asana from one organization to another organization. However, I keep getting an error message about bad connection. Can you help?

janis.walker - 25 Sep 19 18:00 UTC

my project type keeps changing when transferred from list to board. any idea why?

Don Davis - 02 Oct 19 15:37 UTC

Is it possible to copy a project from one organization to another?

Teddi Lund - 14 Oct 19 15:14 UTC

I keep getting an error when I try to transfer 1 project with a lot of archived content to my new organization. Is there a way I could get some assistance?

Mac South - 12 Nov 19 21:22 UTC

Hi. I just did some testing with your tool. I have some users who are joining a new nonprofit, so they will need to be split off of our organization to their own. This tool is going to be very helpful for that, I think. During our testing, we noticed that the new tool (Ditto) works great, but it did not transfer .docx or .pages documents. The old tool (Kothar) transferred all attachments, but mentions in the comments were converted to Asana reference URLs. Those URLs will be broken once we convert this new workspace to its own organization. Ideally, Ditto would allow us to transfer all file types including .docx and .pages. If this cannot be remedied, we will likely use Kothar instead and forfeit the ability to transfer mentions of users in comments.

Just FYI, the attachment types we attempted to transfer were .doc, .docx, .xlsx, .pages, .key, .pdf, .gif, and .pptx. All worked except for .docx and .pages. As stated above, they all transferred using Kothar. Thanks!

Elaine Harding - 04 Dec 19 00:36 UTC

Hi I trying to transfer files from one organization to another, and first it says a warning that specific user isn’t in the account (which isn’t true) and then it gives an error “Retries exceeded for batch O”. Can you help?

Ravinder Saini - 10 Feb 20 14:24 UTC


Error preparing job: Snapshot creation failed


402 Payment Required: Custom Fields are not available for free users or guests.

Above 2 errors are showing when I am trying to transfer project.

KB Brinkley - 10 Feb 20 15:18 UTC

I am looking to transfer a project from one organization to another, but it is giving me error messages - can someone help?

Michael Houston - 19 Feb 20 23:01 UTC

Sorry for missing people’s comments until now - if people need specific help or run into problems you can email me at [email protected]