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Who are you, and what is Ditto?

Take a look at the About page for an overview of the what and the why of Ditto

Ditto is a tool for copying Asana projects between workspaces. It is developed by Mike Houston, a software developer in York in the UK.

Which account should I use with Ditto

In order to have permission to create projects, the account you use with Ditto must be a full user in the destination workspace or organisation.

This means that you should add the destination user as a Guest to the source workspace, which will allow Ditto to successfully process transfers.

You may need to fully log out of Asana and Ditto before logging back in to the correct account if you have previously authorised access for Ditto to the source account.

Are there any details of projects or tasks that Ditto can't copy?

There's a table of supported features

Some features of the Asana web app are not available through the API, and can't be copied. Currently the most obviously missing feature is recurring tasks.

How can I close my Ditto account?

Ditto doesn't keep much information around after you've used it, and doesn't keep a copy of your credentials for accessing Asana after queued transfers are complete.

To ensure that there is no possible way for Ditto to access your account in future, you can deauthorize Ditto by going to 'My Profile Settings' in Asana, and removing Ditto on the 'Apps' tab.

Screenshot of the Asana 'Apps' configuration tab

If you have created a Pro account and wish to remove it, please email [email protected] with your Asana account ID, which can be found on the account page

Which data do you collect?

Take a look at the privacy policy for full details

Ditto communicates with Asana's service via the API. It only reads data in direct response to user interaction or as a result of a user's approval for ongoing access. Only data required for the operation of the service is requested.

Data retrieved from the API includes, but is not limited to, lists of projects, users, tasks, comments and attachments.

Do you store any data?

Take a look at the privacy policy for full details

Local storage

Ditto stores a single cookie 'ditto' containing the encrypted state of your user session. This information is required for the service to operate, and stores your authorization credentials for the Asana API.

You can revoke Ditto's access at any time from the Asana settings for your account.

Data stored on servers

During a transfer operation, the user's authorization credentials for the Asana API are stored on our servers. They are removed when the job completes or has failed, and expire from the service after 24 hours in case of any other error preventing their immediate removal.

Data collected for the operation of the service is automatically cleared after 36 hours. It may be manually removed from the web interface at any time by the user.

Logs of transfer operations are retained for debugging purposes for 30 days, after which they are automatically cleared. The logs do not contain personally identifiable information, but do record the IDs of some records being copied.

Anonymized (hashed) IDs are retained to track usage of the service.

Do you share any data with third parties?

Take a look at the privacy policy for full details

No data you give us or that is collected from your authorized Asana account is ever shared with third parties, except when it is sent back to Asana.

Data collected from Asana is stored temporarily on our servers, which are provided by Amazon Web Services in the us-east-1 region (North Virginia, USA).

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[email protected] - 24 Feb 21 13:41 UTC

I am being told my transfer failed because I was not logged in to the destination. I checked and I am logged in and not a guest. What am I doing wrong?

Brian Ragan - 05 Feb 21 21:59 UTC

Hi. I’m getting a 502 error trying to transfer projects. Help? Thanks.

Tracy Moawad - 29 Jan 21 19:21 UTC

Hi - I’m not able to transfer projects today - is there something that is down/not working? I get an error saying transfer failed.

Tanay Gupta - 27 Jan 21 22:32 UTC

Hello! Ditto was very helpful in moving projects - thank you! Once all the projects are successfully loaded into the destination workspace, can I delete the source workspace and projects? Or is there some linkage between the source and destination spaces?

Andre Pollklesener - 25 Jan 21 16:12 UTC

Hi there. I receive an error that says “Missing required team field”. Does the receiving workspace have to have a team named exactly the same as in the source? (Maybe you referred to that error in your answer from yesterday)

Thank you!

Michael Houston - 24 Jan 21 19:14 UTC

Hi everyone, a bulk reply to the last few questions:

Robyn, please get in touch at [email protected] and I’ll see how I can help. When you say ‘ate my data’ what do you mean? Ditto does not perform destructive API operations so nothing should ever be modified in the source project.

Bryan, that is on my roadmap, after fixing the transfer issues people are seeing!

Paulina, in order to transfer between two accounts you need to add the destination account as a guest to the source workspace (it’s important to do it this way round), log out of Asana and Ditto, then log back in with the destination account. You should then be able to see both workspaces in the transfer view.

Cara, the ‘missing required team field’ error seems to be intermittent, but is related to the detection of teams in the destination account. I am still looking into why it happens.

Sopefoluwa - that sounds like you might need to log out of Ditto and Asana and re-authenticate with the basic account to be accessing it as a full member. If it worked the other way around you must have been logged in with the premium account previously, but will need to be logged in with the other account to reverse the direction.

Sorry to everyone who has been getting in touch about transfer errors - my available time to work on the problem has been limited for the last few months, but I’m still here and still working on it!

Robyn Johnson - 23 Jan 21 01:06 UTC

I used this and it ate my data in the source project and errored out. Is there a way to reverse this?

Bryan Bennett - 21 Jan 21 03:45 UTC

I would be extremely interested in being able to transfer a project and opt out of certain features (like comments - I’d like to transfer without transferring comments).

Paulina Dang - 19 Jan 21 23:55 UTC

Hello, Am I able to transfer/clone a project from my old asana account to a new one? I tried to transfer, but it was only within 1 account since I could not choose another account. I’m not sure how to use this and are there step by step instructions? Thank you

cara.venter - 11 Jan 21 14:51 UTC

Hi, I’m getting a Unrecoverable error: A request to Asana can’t be completed and is returning an error: Missing required team field error. The project I’m trying to transfer is attached to a team, so I’m unclear what the ‘Team Field’ error might mean. Any insight?

Anonymous - 07 Jan 21 18:38 UTC

Hi, I’m getting a Unrecoverable error: A request to Asana can’t be completed and is returning an error: Missing required team field error. The project I’m trying to transfer is attached to a team, so I’m unclear what the ‘Team Field’ error might mean. Any insight?

Sopefoluwa Adeleye - 04 Jan 21 18:12 UTC

Hi there! I’m trying to transfer a project between two workspaces but it keeps saying, “You do not have full access to the destination Asana workspace. Please ensure you are logged in with a full account, not a guest.” However, I’m pretty sure I am a full user in the destination workspace since I am listed as a team member. I have been successful in transferring projects from the basic account to the premium account, but it will not allow me to transfer projects from the premium to basic account. Any ideas on why this would be the case?

Michael Houston - 30 Dec 20 22:30 UTC

@Amanda, can you email me directly at [email protected] and I’ll investigate the issues you’re having. Ditto shouldn’t care about the email addresses, so it is hopefully just a case of working out which account Ditto thinks it’s talking to Asana about.

@Katie and @Adam, I suspect you are seeing the same issue, I will look into why the analyse step is failing - I have some work-in-progress changes to accommodate large transfers which may help.

@Stefano, Ditto will only assign tasks to users who are already members of the destination workspace (i.e. they are members of both workspaces using the same account). The warning will not prevent copying the project, but you will need to add them as members in advance if you want to keep the assignments. This was due (I think) to an earlier limitation on adding users via the API, but I am planning to make this more flexible in future, as the API does support some user management now.

Stefano Rigazio - 29 Dec 20 09:19 UTC

gives me this message: User XXXX does not exist in destination workspace But how can I create the user if it does not exist and then where I am copying it is inside some projects and others not, I have to create the single projects first?

thanks a lot


Adam Langley - 17 Dec 20 02:36 UTC

Hi there, I have a transfer in progress - the “collect task” has complete, but the “analyzing destination” has been stuck for an hour. Is this really stuck? Or does it just take a long time? Thanks!

Katie Bryan - 16 Dec 20 15:24 UTC

I can’t transfer exact Projects in to a new Asana account because the CSV does not capture the correct organizational Parent Task structure. I tried using Ditto but the Analyze Destination Workspace bar never loaded. Help!

Amanda Kelton - 14 Dec 20 15:17 UTC

Hello, I am getting a failed message because I have two emails on my asana. Ditto will not transfer because I am “not a member of the organization”. But my secondary email is a member of the organization. I have contacted Asana and they do not have a way to fix it on their end and suggested I ask on here. I have screenshots of the error.

Michael Houston - 08 Nov 20 20:05 UTC

Hi Samuel,

If you can drop me an email at [email protected] with your Asana account ID, I’ll take a look and see what might be causing the issues you’re seeing.

Samuel Artmann - 08 Nov 20 19:51 UTC

I am getting a connection error when trying to transfer data from an account that is under SSO (Okta) even though I am logged into the relevant accounts. Is there a way to make that work?

Michael Houston - 30 Sep 20 18:48 UTC

Hi Lavonne, Please email [email protected] with the ID of the failed transfer (from the address bar) and I’ll look in to what’s going wrong.